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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ludite? Rambling?

In the light of my current computer problems, it is interesting that I started writing this post back before Christmas;~

I live in a state of constant amazement, my wife and daughter have facebook permanently on their phones (I have just found out that mine has a camera!), although I do use a computer other than my blogs they are primarily a business tool that I use for accounts and word processing, I just "Don't Get" Facebook and all that social media stuff.    So it was quite something for me to go on Google plus, I did it almost by accident so I could keep up with my Tasmanian friend.   I found I was soon invited to join a "Trans" group within days of it starting there are now nearly 200 members, I am also a member of one on line discussion group with 1633 members.   I know there are other fora, the Internet seems to be  wonderful place for people to come out, without actually coming out.   They can admit to who and what they are, their inclinations and maybe some of their fantasies without actually revealing their true identity.   In a way we are all like Batman (or if you prefer Wonder Woman) having a colorful exciting side and then the drab alter ego.

I often hear it bandied about that one in a hundred men cross dress to some extent, then there are all these people on line, so maybe that figure is right, but then where are they all hiding?   The other day I was at a band festival, where there must have been around three hundred men, does that mean that there were another couple of blokes wearing panties or tights under their trousers?   Then of course we would never know.

I have also just come across this article on Diana's little Corner of the Nutmeg State, very interesting for those of us of faith who have felt unable to reveal ourselves or unloved by the Church.

By the way two more things I now find I can't upload photos onto blogger and my osteopath has rescheduled for next week.
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