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Sunday, 23 December 2012

'Tis the Season to be....Busy

As a tuba player I am suddenly in a lot of demand, on Thursday evening we played carols around our Parish, four brass players and a little choir while others knocked on doors and handed out mince pies sweets and a list of the Christmas services in the Parish over Christmas.   As we are a joint benefice with two ministers and two Churches there are quite a lot of services.   Then on Friday evening we had an outdoors carol service in front of one of our Churches, this time three brass and electric keyboard along with the choir.   All great fun and a good thing to do but none the less pretty tiring after a days work, on both days I didn't get home and have any dinner till around ten.

So it was nice yesterday to have a it of lie-in before driving down to Hever Castle for a final concert of the year, this time with a different local Brass Band playing BBb bass.   It was good to play some different music and meet up with some old friends, also the way the castle and grounds were lit up was very pretty, indeed I wondered about using the title "Hever on Earth" I didn't have a camera with me so these shots are ones I took on my rather poor quality phone camera.

It seems odd but I realised the other day that I only seem to play Mrs T (my old Hawkes Cavalry Model BBb) at Christmas, I used a band instrument yesterday evening so Mrs T went back up into the attic for another year.   This evening I will be playing at our main Parish Carol Service for what feels like the first time for ages I will be using "the new toy" my Conn CC.   I shall have to find some time today to have quick practise to see if I can remember which fingers to use!

We still haven't heard anymore from Relate about some more counselling, so I think I can say that that will be it for this year, still I do feel things are a little better between us and I am looking forward to spending Christmas Day with just the three of us together with no one else around.
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