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Friday, 21 December 2012

Bang Bang

Right now there does seem to be just one subject that is dominating the news, and the blogersphere, regardless of the transition from Plebgate to Plodgate, the NUM refusing to pay for Arthur Scargill's flat in the Barbican and the withdrawal of UK troops from Afghanistan, it is gun control in the USA that dominates.   Reading a few blogs I am struck by just how alien the arguments seem to my British sensitivities.   In most other European countries much of their Police Service will be routinely armed, but here in the UK we are used to the idea that guns are only for exceptional circumstances, even for the Police.   The very idea of owning a gun is highly alien to the majority of the population, any gun needs to be licensed, and the vast majority are shot guns held in rural areas for pest control followed by single shot hunting rifles for those few who follow the sport.

As something of an outside observer I cannot understand how the majority of Americans can sit by and tolerate the sort of incident that happened in that Connecticut high school and not seek to bring gun ownership under some sort of control.   Yet I hear that today the HRA think that they will make schools safer places by bringing more guns into them!   I simply can't understand how the USA can change, they are so used to having guns around, and there are so many in circulation that I can't see how any useful legislation could be enforced.

In short I am reminded of the old rural gentleman who when asked for directions to somewhere simply replied "I wouldn't have started from here"   Well given that we are all still here and the world did not end this morning then it does look as if the US Government is going to have to some how deal with the situation.
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