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Paula's Place

Friday, 28 December 2012

Not a Teenager

I woke up this morning later than planned, and feeling definitely second hand, I had far too much to drink last night and paid the price this morning.   Too make mater more complicated I had at least some sense last night and didn't drive home but "crashed" at my friends house, so this morning I had to go home, get changed and then get to work, only around an hour late.

I don't think I was giving prime value for money, I just can't do this sort of thing anymore.   I have to admit that I'm no longer a teenager, there was a time when I could (and did regularly) do this sort of thing with little care, now I am wasted for the whole of the following day, ahh another aspect of growing old.

We are going out tonight, I think I may volunteer to drive and not drink, just for a change.
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