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Paula's Place

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Good Bye to all That

Well we had a great time, I've just got home and it's already tomorrow so this is just a quick update until I get time to write more.   Despite a nail polish disaster I felt pretty good about how I looked, maybe a bit too glam for the occasion, but I wanted to make the most of tonight, cold or not.   So no to thick woolly tights and sweaters, on with the seemed stockings and silky cocktail dress.   I also wore my new high heels, I just wanted to make sure I wore them a least once, and of course following the popular vote an anklet.

I think we all had a good night chatting and enjoying each others company, I met a couple of girls I didn't know which is always nice, I was also asked if I could make it to the next meeting as there will be another married girl there, perhaps I could help her, well at the moment I don't feel as though I am in any position to offer help or guidance to others, but if I could I would, but all other considerations aside, my schedule simply will not allow it (even if my wife would)

A couple of the girls took some photos, if I get copies I will post them.   In the mean time I have now changed back into drab, before going upstairs to bed, cleaned off all my war paint, taken off my nail polish, fingers and toes, and even trimmed down my finger nails.   So as long as I don't take my shirt or trousers off I now look just like any other bloke.   In a couple of weeks all my body and leg hair will have grown back, this is goodbye to Paula, at least for the rest of 2012, who knows what 2013 will have in store.
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