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Paula's Place

Saturday, 15 December 2012


This mornings post brought the usual seasonal selection of Christmas cards and bills, along with one large A4 envelope addressed to all of us.   This letter was from the BRIT school, a while back my daughter applied for the sixth form there, we were told that we would hear from them by the beginning of April.   We had steeled ourselves to a long wait, so I was very pleased when I opened the letter to find that my daughter has an audition and interview next month.
There could be a lot of pressure on her over this, she has an audition piece to prepare, and another to learn for a theory test.   They also want a letter explaining how she is preparing, sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be worth it.   I can't imagine her being happy unless she is singing and playing, one way or another I am sure she will be involved in the music business. 

There is also the added attraction the school is a lot closer than her current school, Selhurst is within walking distance whereas her current school is the best part of an hour's journey each way.   It would be really nice if she could not have to do that journey anymore.   Many (many) years a ago I attended the Selhurst Grammar school (for Boys) the BRIT School has taken over the buildings of the Selhurst Grammar School (for Girls) next door. If she does get in I truly hope that she will be a lot happier there than I was next door.

Somehow it sort of puts my evenings work into some kind of perspective, I will be conducting the local Brass Band in an outside "singalong" of Christmas songs, still it should be fun and they are providing "Bambi burgers" and mulled wine.
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