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Sunday, 18 November 2012

What were they thinking?

I have just got round to watching my recording of yesterday's England against Australia Rugby International.   There is much to discuss about the game, decision making, refereeing of the scrum, payer discipline, ball retention, and many other aspects of the play; however I don't think this is the fora for that sort of discussion.   What I want to raise here is the blooming awful strip the England team were forced to wear.   There is a pride about wearing your national strip, pulling on the white jersey must mean a lot to any English Rugby player.   The New Zealand team is consistently the best in world and is known by it's colours, the "All Blacks", Australians identify strongly with their "Green and Gold".   Arguably England have the best strip of all, white shirt, white shorts and black socks.   Instantly identifiable to anyone with any interest in rugby, and no other team plays in anything like the same colours.
So why on why on Earth did some idiot at HQ think it was a good idea to send "the boys" out to play in that ridiculous purple and gold?   Rugby is quite possibly the most manly of sports (that's why I played it!) so why choose a really pretty colour and then ornament it with gold?   What next? high heeled boots, suspenders on the socks?

Thomas Waldron
Gratuitous Lingerie picture
This would be a great colour scheme for a lingerie set, maybe a nice satin camisole with matching french knickers, or maybe a lace three piece bra pantie and suspender set.   Something I might wear but I just can't or at least don't want to, see Thomas Waldren (England no 8) in anything even remotely resembling this.

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