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Monday, 19 November 2012

30 days to go

After the last couple f weeks, today felt a bit like "Welcome back to the real world".   Basically a day of sitting in heavy traffic, lots of heavy work, a little time at home and then a brass band rehearsal.   I managed to miss the rain, but will probably catch it tomorrow.

When I got home I was so weary I could have sat down on the sofa and gone to sleep, if  I hadn't had to go out soon afterwards.   Instead I ran a hot bath had a soak and relaxed, even though I have no anticipated opportunities to go out lined up while I was in my bath I had a good all over shave.   When ever I shave always like to moisturize afterwards, whatever it is that has been shaved, so after I got out of my bath I rubbed myself all over with Dove, and began to feel much better.   So0 much s that by the time I got to my rehearsal I was feeling quite perky.   We are starting to look at Christmas music already, it does seem early but there are only five week left till Christmas, that's 30 shopping days!

The other day my daughter told me that what she wanted for Christmas was a nose piercing.   I am not enthusiastic, no I am down right opposed!   Although I did suggest that if she did get one done then I woudl go and get my ears done at some point she may well get this done and not regret it, I just feel that at 15 she is still to young, she is also keen on getting a tattoo, I am really against that one.  So I plan to get her some stick on nose jewels, I know it will not be the same but maybe a bit of a peace offering.   I also plan to get her a couple of guitar straps, a nice subtle black leather one with big meal studs for her electric, and a fabric one for her electro~acoustic.   This is not just e being a good dad, I also want my strap back now I seem to be playing the bass fairy regularly.

I don't yet know what I will be buying my wife, but I do know it won't be tickets for Donny and Marie Osmond at the O2, the only tickets left are well over £100 and a couple of those are well out of my price bracket.
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