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Friday, 16 November 2012

I know, it's Friday!

I have now had my hair cut, and am very happy with the results, it did cost me quite bit more than the local barber, but well worth it.   Although they do say they are a unisex hairdresser, I think the vast majority of their customers must be women it is definitely a female environment, which is fine by me.   In the end I decided to go dressed (M & S Grey wool trouser suit, black shirt blouse and black pumps)

I had managed to write this much on Wednesday lunch time before a couple of game changing phone calls.   So now I am continuing to write it up on Friday evening

I explained to Nicola exactly what I wanted, I like my hair on the longer side, I would like it thicker than any barber lets it be, and in an ideal world I would like to be able to go out as Paula without a wig.   She was very understanding, and started the process, by evening up the length and trimming off the uneven "wispy bits", after a blow dry I thought it looked really good and continued the rest of the morning dressed and without covering up my own hair, it is quite liberating to not wear a wig.   A bit like Paul at "Way Ahead" she did ask about whether I would consider a perm or hair dye, and again I had to say that that would be more than my wife would accept.   I would rather like to have my hair dyed, but it would simply not be allowed.   As I say I was very happy with the results, but when I looked at some photos I took I'm not so sure, the hairline is of course still a bit high, just too much forehead, but I do think it could work, given time.   And I have already booked my next appointment.

I had a little time so I popped into West Wickham I had to go to the bank and get a couple of things done.   I needed a new battery for one of my Girl watches and a new strap for my work watch.   After I had done those things that I had to do I had a quick trawl through the Charity Shops, I am still after a pair of riding boots so I when I found a pair I was hopeful but they were not my size.   I just had to settle for a jumper dress and a pair of shoes.   I have yet to try the dress on but these are the shoes.

I have heard it said that a cross dresser will have shoes that would make a hooker blush, well I think these are mine.   I know it's not a great photo but the leather is a silvery colour with a metallic sheen, and the I think my highest heel to date, they are very comfortable to wear bu a bit tricky to walk in, what a friend of mine would call "restaurant shoes".

And now I have a serious question to ask, ~ ankle chain sexy or slutty, go on answer the question, I want to know. 
Oh Yes, the phone call, my friend P called, she is in the process of moving and needed some help, I had said that if she needed any help then to call me, so when she did just that I couldn't turn her down, but then that's another story.........
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