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Saturday, 17 November 2012

A post without a title

Wednesday mid day and I get the call to help my friend P move her log pile from Crawley to Lincolnshire, so after a meeting with some local authority officers I got back to Croydon at about five thirty and then had to make my way down to Crawley load up and then drive to Lincolnshire before unloading and then making the return journey with both P and her husband.   And for most of the journey there was fairly thick fog.   I had planned on a visit to the osteopath and then going to rehearsal with my Band in Croydon, instead of getting my aches seen to I ended up acquiring some fresh ones.   I know it's stupid but I ended up craning my neck forward driving in the fog, when I got home around five O'clock in the morning my neck was stiff I was tired, and all I could do was collapse into bed.

I had taken a couple of changes of clothing with me, the first one to get changed out of the suit I wore to my meeting into something more sensible for shifting a wood pile, the second change was for my God Mother's funereal on Thursday, and some pjs, in case I didn't make it home.   It had all happened so quickly that I took the wrong clothes with me, and didn't need them anyway since I did make it home.   I did manage to get up in time and made the journey to Oxfordshire in time. it was a very good and very appropriate service, my God Mother knew she was going to die so made all the arrangements for the service with her good friend, the vicar.   It was nice to have the service conducted by someone who not only knew her, but was a close personal friend.   Afterwards chatting to some other members of the family it struck me that the last time I had met most of them had been at my God Mother's Mother's funeral, I suppose that is a factor of us all getting older.

The plan was that I would make the drive back to London Pretty, and then as both my wife and daughter would be out I would meet up with my friend B, to catch up and maybe have a bite to eat, as it was while I was making my way back through the London rush hour I got a call from my wife telling me my daughter would be home after all, so I decided to cancel meeting up with B and spend the night with my daughter.   As it happened she went to bed early and I feel asleep on the sofa.

When she has moved I will miss my friend P, she has been instrumental in giving Paula the confidence to go out, to start enjoying life, I shall miss our lunches and our shopping expeditions, I shall miss the intimacy of a girl's girl friend.   As I was working with her today I mentioned to my friend S that I would miss having someone to have lunch with, she said, well that can be me when I'm not working, aren't people wonderful!
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