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Paula's Place

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Saturday Morning

It seemed like a waste of that lovely big bed to sleep in it on my own, but I slept well, and exclusively on my usual side of the bed.   My bed-wear was a little less my usual, a nice pair of shorty black satin PJs, I do prefer PJs to nighties, as do most of the women I know, who I can ask.   Many of you will understand the pure peaceful joy I had in going to sleep and waking up the next morning still Paula.   The sole physical manifestation of this was my choice of bed-wear and the pink polish on my nails, but there is something deeper that these are just the outer indications of.

 Anyway I awoke with time to have a leisurely start to the day, even having a cup of tea in bed ~ ah such luxury!   Once dressed I went down to breakfast, this was a buffet arrangement which was very good, and meant that I actually got to talk with quite a few other guests.   I had my laptop with me so after breakfast I could keep up with my cartoon addiction and see what other blogers were up to.

After breakfast I went out onto the terrace, it had been dark and raining when I arrived so I had no idea what wonderful views there were.   While I was outside I had quite a chat with two groups of other guests one couple who had just got married a few weeks before, and were having a complimentary stay in the bridal suite.   There was also an older couple with their daughter I had quite a chat with them, and they took a couple of photos of me, this is one of them.

After that it was time to move on to my next stop, Cardiff.   It should have been a simple matter to get onto the M5 ad then the M4, but somehow I managed to take a wrong turn somewhere and ended up thoroughly lost.   However there are plenty of worse paces to be lost in, I saw some wonderful countryside, and ended up in Bristol and drove along the Avon Gorge under the Clifton Suspension Bridge before joining the M4 and crossing into Wales.   I picked up something for lunch, changed back into drab and spent most of the rest of the weekend with my Mother.

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