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Paula's Place

Friday, 12 October 2012

Order! Order!

Looks like my posts have got out of order, sorry!   In my defense I plead that knowing I was going to very busy from Monday evening onwards I prepared a load of posts in advance and scheduled them for later publication.   It looks like I have scheduled some wrong ~ silly girl getting my dates wrong.

I am also pretty obsessed with going on holiday in 13 days time ~ see what I mean ~ so I have also been preparing some posts that can go up while I am away.   In the mean time life goes on today I was working with my friend S and over lunch I showed her the photos on Paula's Place of my weekend away, as well as several other nice comments, looking at the photos she observed that "many women would kill for legs like that" you can imagine how good that made me feel.   I am now beginning to get a bit hairy and I don't like it, why does chest hair grow faster than anywhere else.  

Tomorrow I will be going to my support group meeting and will have to wear a high neck and opaque tights or jeans to cover up my hairiness ~ ergh.   But the hair is definitely only the cloud on the silver lining of a family holiday, our first for two years.
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