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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fancy a quicky?

Just a quick flying post to say that I am feeling much more positive today.   Despite poor weather yesterday I have more or less finished a job that has been plaguing me for the last two years, as long as the patch holds on the pond liner then I am done.   This is a garden I love, but the original firm who put it all in cut far too many corners, and didn't consider how the planting would look in 10 years.   This has left lots of problems to sort out, we have now almost completed the re-wire of the fountain, pond pump, pond lights and garden lights, installed a new pond pump and and patched the leaks in the liner (wild animal damage).   I have already re-built the front wall and much else, but as log as all this carries on working I will be able to get stuck into the plants when we get back from our holiday.

Also, and more importantly to my mood my wife bought me a little gift yesterday, a pair of earplugs ~ it is not so much the ear plugs as what they mean, an acceptance that she is the cause of some of my problems, she snores I can't sleep, I get ratty and stressed I dress to relieve some of that stress.   Also it is a gift, and one that says I care, I understand and I love you ~ that is good.

I hope to have a longer post later today or tomorrow, I don't know if I will have time for any more before leaving for Malta on Thursday, but I have prepared some posts in advance for while I am away, I hope you will enjoy them.
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