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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cute Shoes

Well a cute pair of shoes can certainly cheer me up, whether they are for me, or just below a well turned ankle, a nice shoe is a joy to behold.   Meg tells me here that 25% of American Women have more than 50 pairs of shoes, I know I have referred to this before, but I am still amazed.   I mentioned this statistic at the support group meeting on Saturday night and one of the girls said that she had something like that in her closet.  

We had quite a discussion on shoes, it seems that I'm not the only girl who has a bit of a fascination with shoes.   For me shoes are an important part of expressing my femininity, I think it may be because when I was a lot ( lot!) younger it wasn't too hard to come by various feminine garments, but shoes needed to be purchased, this meant saving money up, and then overcoming the terror of actually going out and buying some.   These days it is only finance and space that stop me buying more.

Although that is not strictly true, when I was first gaining in confidence and starting to go out I would buy pretty much any shoes that I saw in a charity shop in my size.   This did lead me into some very poor choices, but I am trying to be much more selective now, only buying shoes that I both like, and will have a chance to wear.   At the moment I fancy a pair of very fashionable low heeled "riding" style boots, it's just that I don't want to part with any of my favorite limbs in order to be able to afford them.
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