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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Thank God I'm British

I'm not the most patriotic of people, I consider myself European which is not always popular, I am also a republican which is also not a very popular position, especially in year like this one.   SO it is not success in sport, fine views of our Royal Family or a burst in pride at some action of a member of the Government (like the chief whip) that has brought on this sudden affection for my homeland.   No it was this article brought to my attention by Janie.   It seems incredible that an Judge anywhere in the civilised world can make decisions like this based solely on his own personal views (prejudices) rather than on case law, or established procedure.

To summarise  Judge in Oklahoma has denied two women the right to change their names to female ones in order that their name should match their chosen gender.   As I understand it this could not happen in the UK, there is a process by which one can legally change name, I do not think it requires judicial permission.   More to the point there is a procedure for legally changing gender, to change all official documentation and records, while I may very well be a bit laborious it is an established procedure which does not require any individual to give their approval.   I have a fried who is pre~op she has recently been through this procedure, so now her name, and all her documentation matches her gender, surely this is the civilised way to proceed.

I have yet to meet an American who I did not like, yet I sometimes find myself in despair when I hear about some aspects of living in America.  The Land of the Free, sorry guys that still sounds like an aspiration to me.

I have just added a fresh label  Rant this is an acceptance that I may be becoming a little less tolerant as I grow older!
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