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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I'm sorry

If my earlier rant upset any of my American readers I'm sorry.   It is strange that although we speak (more or less) the same language, have a shared history up till a mere 200 or so years ago, and are the closest of allies so much of the USA is very alien to many of us in the UK.

The idea of electing Judges, who must therefore make popular decisions, the different legal codes in different states within the same nation, the separation of Church and State, yet we have a prime minister with no faith and the USA have yet to elect a president who does not profess faith.

Maybe it is those differences as much as our similarities that bind us in friendship.

By the way today is our 20th wedding anniversary! Apparently 20 years is the China Anniversary so I bought my wife these for our bathroom.   Aren't they tasteful...........

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