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Paula's Place

Monday, 17 September 2012


From yesterday's post you may gather that I am a bit confused about this whole gender thing.   Please feel free to drop your comments in, what others say does help to clarify what I think, that's one of the reasons why I follow other blogs, especially those like Jamie and Janie whose experiences are so very different to my own.  Part of following is about enjoying other peoples experiences vicariously, part of it is entertainment, part of it is about informing us as to who or what we are, understanding ourselves and the world we live in better.

However I do know that whenever I get the chance I will get into some feminine clothes paint my nails and enjoy some femininity.   Like today, I have just dropped my daughter off at school and my wife at the station as she is on a training day, I will be working from home for most of the day so once I have performed a few chores (like taking some waste to the local dump) I know I will not be able to resist getting changed before sitting back down with the laptop and crunching numbers.

Now the questions I ask myself I will be asking another day, today I will just concentrate on enjoying the moment.   As I will be doing my office work I shall dress appropriately in my M & S trouser suit, very business like.   If I get time I would like to go out this afternoon as well, my friend B called yesterday to say that he had a birthday present for me so I may well go over and introduce him to Paula.

If I manage to get some pictures I will post them later, now time to get to work......
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