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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Word Verification

I have just been surfing around the blogosphere and on quite a few of the blogs I visited I wanted to leave a comment, after all that is a large part of the blogging experience, the comments that the readers leave.   When it works there will be a whole conversation triggered off by something the blogger writes, then readers comment on that and on what others have commented.   This is what makes blogs special. the involvement, the conversation, as bloggers we are the first writers to get that immediate feedback from readers, but more than that when it works well we can start to build some sort of rapport and relationship with our readers.

So that is why I have just turned off the Blogger Word Verification for Paula's Place, I wanted to comment but after a while the whole verification thing became a pain in the place where you don't want a pain.   We will see if I am overrun with bots giving me spam then I may have to turn it back on, but in the mean time...........well.................tell me what you think


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

If you have comment moderation turned on, it's simple enough to just delete the spam comments before they even go public.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah!! I'm pleased! :D Did you see my new picture on my sidebar, I created it myself. I saw a female version and I had to create my own hotter male version. ;) :D

I never get any spam comments at all! Well about 2 a year.

Paula said...

Joe, that is what inspired me, I think I might need the original girlie version, since I have been running Paula's Place I have only had 5 comments that I have not published, 4 were boosting there own commercial sites and one was interesting but not suitable for a site without an adult only warning. I don't think it will be too hard to filter out the spam if I get a bit more participation.

LL Cool Joe said...

Okay here it is, I found it on Google. :D

Not having the word Verification will hopefully just encourage more people to comment here. :)

Calie said...

I've been thinking about turning it off also. Spam-bots have not been a problem for me, but nasty and icky commenters do come by once in a while and their comments just don't deserve the space on my blog.

As for T-Central, it is so widely read that we must screen the comments.

Word verification, however, tends to make me dread making comments. Just let me screen comments prior to publishing and I'll be fine!

@Cool Dude - Gonna try that.