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Paula's Place

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Funny old time

I am going through an odd time at the moment, I have been really busy this week at work, but not a lot going on socially, so I have been getting home from work absolutely exhausted, sitting down and falling asleep, many other weeks I would have been going out somewhere or another, doing something, playing, rehearsing or at some meeting or another.   Not having to go out in the evening meant that I could catch up on all the work I have not been doing because of the rain.  This is such a good feeling after months of being behind, I think I now only have one or two jobs where I need to be playing catch up.

The other side of this is that I have a much less busy week coming up.   On Monday the van goes into the garage for a bit of work, as long as they get it finished on Monday I have a busy Tuesday working with S, Wednesday I just have one appointment during the day and one in the evening with my osteopath.   Thursday I am totally free and Friday is once again busy.   There is plenty of paperwork to keep me busy Monday, but Wednesday and Thursday I can relax or go out and play, up to me.   I had hoped to meet up with S on Wednesday evening but she is already otherwise engaged, I think Thursday may well be a day out for Paula.

As I have said a couple of times over this last week the compulsion to be Paula has not been so strong, but the chance of a day out is still very attractive, maybe a garden or museum trip on my own or perhaps lunch with P, either way it should be fun.   Meg has been writing about how much she enjoyed some girlie time with her friend Aeify, I too find that the times I have out in the company of my GG friends have been the best!

Wardrobe note, I have now gone at least eight days without wearing any women's clothes other than jeans (they're the only ones I have) and I am still sane and have no problems that couldn't be solved with £20,000 and two weeks in the sun.
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