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Paula's Place

Monday, 6 August 2012


I normally prepare my posts during the day or evening and then schedule them for publication early in the morning (GMT), so that last post was written at various times yesterday, finishing off at early this morning.

As an update my wife and daughter returned home in the early hours of the morning after my daughter had been checked over and released as being OK.   Once again all the tests showed everything to be OK, this morning she was subdued, tired but basically alright.   By this afternoon she was complaining about being confined to home, some friends came round but I just felt that after last night's drama it was better that she stayed here.   There has been a bit of stress around and we are now wondering if these episodes might be panic attacks, or something of that nature.   Anyway she has been referred back to a specialist team, so hopefully we will get a solid diagnosis and then some appropriate treatment.

Things like this serve to remind us where our priorities really lie, fortunately I had already arranged that I would not be going out to work today while my van was having some (expensive) work done, this meant I could stay at home with her without either my wife or I letting anyone else down.   It also meant that I had to put up with more "Glee" and "CSI" than anyone should have to in one day.   I haven't got everything done that I planned, but then the important part turned out to be being home.
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