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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A work in Progress

I visited  a garden today that I have not been to for about a year.   Last year I did some work in the back garden but none in the front, there were some plans for a complete make over but nothing much happened.   I put together a plan and did some drawings but then they decided that maybe they would have the front paved to park a car on, in the end nothing at all happened.

Well saying nothing happened is not quite true, a better comment woudl be no one did anything because something did happen, it continued to grow!   A little after we started work today S suggested some before photos should be taken.
These are the photos I took after we had been there for about half an hour.

Several hours later we were still going and the garden was still a mess, however we had found a path a safe route to the front door, and a couple of plants that are worth saving, in the mean time we had filled 12 large sacks with green waste and had several logs.   I have arranged that we can go back and try to turn it into something resembling a garden, however I still think we should dig the whole thing up and start again.
Then before leaving I took some more pictures, these are not really after photos, but definitely "on the way" pictures.
 Maybe next week I will have some more pictures, of something more closely resembling a garden.
Mind you at risk of sounding a bit like a Radio 4 "Thought for the Day" I am reminded that we too are all works in progress.   I probably should write a long and well thought out explanation of that statement, but sorry that's about all you're getting
Oh yes and by the way last night I agreed to play electric bass on Sunday evening, that may not sound much but I haven't actually played bass for over thirty years!

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