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Paula's Place

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Little Planing

Next week my wife and daughter are away for a few days, and you know what they say, "While the Cat's away the mice will play" and this mouse intends to play, at least a little.   The reason why I'm not going with them is simply because I cannot afford to take the time off work during the summer.   This is the time when I should be making the money that will see us through the winter, and a weeks holiday would not only give me the cost of the holiday but also the loss of the income for  a week.

Having said that I had hoped to organise at least a day and a half maybe two whole days off during the week.   The way things are stacking up it looks like it will just be the one day and the evenings.   As I have a commitment on Monday and need to have the house looking respectable for when they come home on Friday so it only looks like a couple of evenings as well.  

One of the problems girls in my situation have is laundry, so one of the first things I plan to do is get my washing done.   One of the reason that we have so many undies is the problem of getting them clean.   Unlike most people I can't just wash and hang them up when ever I want some clean I have to wait until I have at least a full day to wash dry and hide again,this does mean that with almost a full week I will be able to go through my whole wardrobe, washing and ironing whatever need doing.

All in all I am set for a very busy week with plenty of work during the day and lots of Paula activities in the evenings.
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