Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The weekend starts here

I will be in Cardiff this weekend, visiting my Mother with my Daughter, this will be a weekend all about family, the idea is that my Mother and Daughter will get to know each other a bit better, and then on the Sunday we will all be having lunch with my Brother and Sister in Law.   This should all be very good, especially for my daughter, at the moment being securely seating in a family can only help.   Of course this also means that there will be no place or time for Paula.

Indeed at the moment I have no outings planned other than  my support group meeting in a few weeks.   We meet on the second Saturday of each month so that means three weeks time.   The way thing shave bee going recently I am aware that there are more important things in m life, but I am also aware that I do need Paula time, and will have to contrive an opportunity.   In the mean time here are some pretty pictures of the sort of thing I spend my days doing.

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