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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sundry Sunday

Sunday ended up a very bitty day, when I (eventually) got up it was raining, and as I had planned to spend most of the morning in the garden I was not feeling very inspired.   I still managed to do  few useful things while spending some time with my Mother, the morning dried up as the rain cleared so I was able to get out and do some useful work in the garden before having to come inside to cook lunch.  

While lunch was cooking I had a quick shower and a thorough shave.   I didn't have any clean tights with me that I thought would go with the suit trousers I was going to be wearing, so I wore some grey stockings instead, this of course meant that I was also wearing a suspender belt, (quite wide waste cincher belt with six straps in black with some lace trim ~ as if you are interested) as well as the stockings and panties under my trousers coupled with a new mauve short sleeve blouse I had bought recently.   After lunch I was all set for my return journey when I heard those dreaded words "While you're here could you just...." in this case I was just clean the windows.   By this point I had put all my luggage in the van, and was wearing my M & S grey suit trousers, my new boots a short sleeve mauve blouse, and oh yes stockings.   And I am meant to be in the closet!   My main concern was that as I stretched up to clean the top of the windows the hem of my blouse would lift above the top of my trousers, making it plain that I was wearing a suspender belt, while my Mother was supervising the entire process.   well if anything was noticed nothing was said; I often wonder if Mother knows more than she is letting or is she really that unobservant.   I know at her age sight and many other faculties diminish, but surely she must have noticed something.

I would like to tell my Mother, but she has now got very forgetful and confused, and I can only foresee difficulties if I do.   Along with her hearing any social skills my Mother may once of had has long since diminished, she is bound to either say something wrong to the wrong person, or forget and have to be told all over again.

To travel back to London I just donned the jacket to go with the suit trousers, and of course the rest o my make up, jewelry and wig.
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