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Paula's Place

Monday, 2 July 2012

An Admirer

Well I got home safely after a whole weekend away from my computer and no Internet access.   I am always a little surprised at how difficult this is, I have become almost addicted to my on line cartoons and blogs, and of course not least keeping Paula's Place up to date.

Saturday started all too early, as it usually does for these trips.   As my wife was out on Friday night, I had painted my finger nails before going to bed, so they were already nice when I left.   As I didn't want to risk my daughter looking out and seeing a strange woman leaving the house with my luggage I didn't put on any makeup jewelry or my wig before leaving the house.   Sat in my van putting on the war paint, adjusting my boobs and all those other necessary little finishing touches I became aware of being watched.   The watcher came over to me and asked for my number, I declined but did take his, at least in part because I didn't know what else to do.   I am a little worried because I do not particularly want to contact him (not really my type and more to the point I suspect that he is only concerned with an, ah hem physical relationship) but I have seen him around locally and my van is currently quite distinctive, so he may be able to place my male me.   Maybe I should call him let him buy me a drink and expain that I am married and unavailable, or maybe I shoudn't.   Not sure.

Other than that my journey was most uneventful.   I have found that when I dress sensibly for a woman of my age, and appropriately for the activity I am engaging in then I am totally accepted, it is only when I am totally outrageous that I court derision.   So basically I was just wearing jeans, my new boots, black sleeveless blouse and denim jacket.   I did some shopping ~ nothing fun just Tesco's and had little chats with some of the assistants, the butcher called my "love", the fishmonger "madam" and the girl on the till "dear".   While I was with my Mother I took off my bling my boobs and my slap, but other wise I was in female garb all weekend, and no one commented either way.   And there's the point why should they!   I'm not doing anything immoral, illegal or that impacts on the life of anyone else so why shouldn't I dress how I like.
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