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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Feeling Hot hot, hot

Today has been hot far too hot for it to be sensible to go and work in gardens, b then I a not known for being sensible.   By mid morning I was uncomfortably hot and S was little more than a grease stain. Bless her cotton socks S is simply not a hot weather person.   Being pale of complexion she burns easily and generally finds warm weather uncomfortable.   Still we soldered on and actually managed a good full days work.

We managed to get to one customer who we  haven't seen for about six weeks, there was certainly plenty of work waiting for us, so much that I have agreed to go back again later this week, and again next week.   I had hoped to take a day off and have a Paula day, but I'm afraid that again the weather is a factor.   Every thing I do I want to do as well I can, and that of course also applies to my being Paula.

When I am out my makeup is very important to me, I really don' t know if it does cover my beard well enough, but I certainly am not ready to go without it, and as it is far to hot for makeup, I think that means I may well be staying in boy mode this week after all.
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