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Paula's Place

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Rose by any other name

Even though it is the weekend much of my time is still taken up with work in one way or another.   After collecting some friends from Gatwick at stupid O'clock this morning I slept in late this morning, getting up in time to do the washing up and tidy up the house a bit.   I had a meeting with one of my recycling customers during the afternoon, but wonders of wonders I managed to spend a little time in my own garden this afternoon.    A few months back my wife decided that a Cistus I had, had grown too large so she cut it back hard, unfortunately she didn't ask me first as I could have told her that Cistus do not take kindly to pruning, and are much happier left alone.   This one was not only unhappy, it died.

I have had a hi-bred tea rose for a while in a pot looking for a home, so I replaced the Cistus with the rose, but I am worried that it as is a "Whiskey Mac" a rich peach coloured rose,t between  Phlox Bright Eyes and a mauve Hibiscus I am not sure that the colour combinations will work.   I have put it in and we will see.   A wise woman once said to me that she did not believe that God made two colours that don't go together ~ I am trusting that she is right.

Next week I have a couple of days when I have not scheduled work, I have a deal of writing and phone calls to complete for my recycling customer, if I can manage them all on Wednesday then maybe I will allow myself Thursday off to go and play.
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