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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pushing the envelope

As well as my cross dressing activities, I have recently been exploring just how far I can go in exploring androgyny in my clothing, or to put it another way trying to find out if I can stop drab being drab.   I wondered if making my ostensibly male clothing more feminine would satisfy some of my urge to cross dress.   I have quite a few "pretty" patterned shirts, and a couple of pairs of female jeans and one female denim jacket that I have been wearing occasionally for some time now.   So far I have to say that although they are all clothes I like, and I think, make me feel and look good, they have done nothing to satisfy my compulsion to dress.

Last night I decided to raise the stakes and make a bit more of an effort for my rehearsal.   On Monday I had bought a couple of items I wasn't sure about introducing into my male wardrobe, a silver coloured jeans belt, and a pair of ankle boots.    I wore both along with a pair of low cut boot leg black denims, my favourite shirt and the denim jacket.   However it was so warm that I didn't actually wear the jacket, instead relying on my off white canvas shoulder bag.
Now I suspect that I might have gone too far, I think I was probably looking either pretty feminine or very effeminate, either way is beyond a blurring of the lines towards androgyny.   Having said that I only got one passing comment on my style of dress from one close friend who commented on the height of my heels.

Fair enough, after all he's used to being taller than me.   However I do wonder how the band, and people in general would react if I came out and was as honest as Grayson Perry and just told everyone that I am a transvestite and that sometimes I will be wearing women's clothing.   Unfortunately unless I want to totally alienate my wife that is not going to happen.

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