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Paula's Place

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Just like a real woman

Well I have to say that I have had a pretty good day.   It started out very well as just before I was about to leave for church this morning my daughter gave me and enormous fathers day card accompanied by a tea mug very nearly as big.   The mug is from the Grumpy Old Git brand and is therefore highly appropriate.   It was even better to receive these since I had convinced myself that I had been forgotten.

After a very nice lunch with wife and daughter I had to drive down into darkest Surrey to pick up a lawn mower I had just won on e-bay.   They are a pretty civilised bunch in Surrey so the seller wasn't totally freaked out when the mower was collected Paula rather than the Mr of my e-bay name.   Just for the record I was wearing a nice green and blue on white print cotton dress, with a white linen jacket white leather handbag and my nice black and white toeless sandals.   The drive there and back was pretty uneventfully and I got back to the Crystal Palace in good time, since both my ladies were out I stopped off at my favourite watering hole for a couple of glasses of wine. 

Although the pub was a lot quieter than yesterday I was a lot more self conscious, or maybe because the pub was a lot quieter....... anyway the staff are getting to know me and are very accepting, some of the customers may of course be a different matter.   At one time I was aware of one quite relaxed ("I only drink to relax, sometimes I'm so relaxed I fall over") customer pointing at me and saying something along the lines of "that's my girl" ~ well he could have at least come over and asked first!

Well now I am home I am just settling down with a glass of Australian white and a Bacon and Camembert baguette. ~ Oh yes the title of the post, well while at the pub I treated myself to a packet of crisps and managed to drop a bit down my cleavage ~ just like a real woman!
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