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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

He just had to laugh

Sometimes I am sensible, sometimes I will push at boundaries a little, and then again sometimes I do stupid things.   The whole story is just boring so I will cut to the chase and just give you the bit that may end as a anecdote in years to come.

For reasons that I can't quite remember now at some point during the afternoon I got changed out of a relatively sober ensemble into a pair of purple tights, a matching purple top, denim shorts and black leather knee boots

A bit like this, but not exactly as this is a photo from March last year, still it gves a pretty good idea of how I looked.

Now the funny thing is I felt good, I felt comfortable, I love the snug feeling of the tights the boots and the shorts, I could feel the long dangly earrings I was wearing swaying with my movements, I didn't care how I looked, I knew that what I was wearing was inappropriate by any standards but, I felt good.   I was only expecting to be driving a few miles before changing back into more sober (drab) garb, maybe this was a last flourish or something anyway I was not expecting or planning on anyone seeing me so I didn't care.

Then as I was driving past I noticed a large banner advertising self storage, with what can only be described as an offer I couldn't refuse.   So without thinking about it I pulled into the car park and went into the office to check out the offer.   I have been considering taking on a little storage unit for my "stuff" as I think it would be dryer and safer than my garage.

I often wonder what civilians think of me when I am out and about, the guy at the self storage left me in no doubt, to his credit he did try not to laugh, it's just that he didn't succeed.   He did ask me if I was serious, but I assured him I was, and managed to get him to go through the deal with me.   I then asked him if I could see a unit.   I will admit that I was a little nervous as this meant I had to go in lift with him and into the warehouse, just the two of us together.   Bless his cotton socks he had to keep laughing then apologising, then curiosity got the better of him and he started asking questions. It transpired that two of his colleagues are trans, one full time MtF and one post op MtF, so I was able to explain that we are quite a spectrum and that if he works with two of us, and then he has just met me as well, well just think how many of us there are around.

I should say that his merriment was in no way offencive, it could have been in someone else, but he was such a decent guy, open and friendly, that it was actually quite refreshing.   I think he would have liked to ask more questions but as a bit nervous, I do think that I helped him understand a little, however I am sure that he will have a good story to tell down the pub tonight.   I may well go for the self storage option, if I do and if I do with this firm I may well be set for some more teasing, maybe next time I will get out that black leather mini skirt!
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