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Paula's Place

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Sorry not to have managed an update for a couple of days, at the moment life just seems to be like that, never a spare moment.    It is now Saturday morning and I am typing this prior to going off to work again.

Thursday morning I had a little chore to complete before setting out on my expedition to the exhibition.   One of my customers had asked me to pick up an Acer as a present for her father, she needed it by Friday night and I knew Friday would be very busy so I made an early start and picked one up at my favorite garden centre on Thursday morning.   After that I could put on my nail polish, change what needed to be changed and put on my make up and glitteries.   As it was slightly less hot than the previous few day I finally opted for the grey dress, with grey jacket and my new ox blood heels.   I felt this was an appropriate outfit for a day in Town while still cool enough for the weather.

I caught the train up to Victoria and then the tube to Charring Cross, as usual when I do anything like this I wonder how people can go through that every day.   I arrived in plenty of time to have a look around Trafalgar Square there was a lot of activity with things being prepared for the weekend, but I did have a chance to have a look at the current exhibit on the "spare plinth" a little boy n a rocking horse.   I rather like this, firstly it is very well done, is the right size and makes an interesting juxtaposition to all the military equestrian statues around there.

As I was wondering around trying to decide on where to have lunch I encountered a couple of Americans, discussing the area, they were trying to find Admiralty Arch, I was able to show them, and was drawn into conversation with them about the jubilee celebration, when they asked me where was the best place to watch the parade, they weren't impressed when I said the on the Television.   Ir seemed strange to be an English republican talking to a couple of ardent American royalists, but then there are many strange things in life.

After a very pleasant lunch in Cafe Rouge I made my way back up to the National Gallery.   The exhibition is in the Sainsbury wing.   This is still relatively new, and caused quite a degree of controversy when built, personally I think it blends in with the rest of the square very well, while not trying to mimic the styles of a different century, it is unashamedly modern, but still blends well in colour, scale and style.  As I was approaching the entrance I was accosted by a turbaned gentleman telling me my fortune, he was very smartly presented, quite impressive and I was complimented and therefore quite tempted, he told me that I had been unlucky in love, and that I would meet the man I would fall in love with in he month of July, it as off course when he asked for money that I came to my senses and told him that as a follower of Jesus I could not consult fortune tellers.   This was turning out to be an interesting day and I hadn't even got as far as the exhibition yet.
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