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Paula's Place

Thursday, 31 May 2012

In the Pink

Yesterday was a bit of a funny old day, the first part was spent clearing out the van s that I could fill it with bedding plants.   I was planning to spend most of the day planting up pots for one of my customers, lots of Geraniums, Cosmos, Begonias, Lobelia, and Petunias.   I didn't get much more than half way through before the heavens opened and prodigious amounts of rain fell.   We must have had about 3 or 4 cm in half an hour, it quite literally thundered down.

These very pretty panties
However it was not much more than a very heavy shower, soon stopping and starting to dry out.   After work I went to the osteopath, this was much needed as I was feeling the strains of amount of physical work I have been doing.   Again there was no mention at all of my bright red toe nails, sheer knee highs and very pretty panties.   He is very friendly and very good, and there is just n way that he doesn't notice.

Today is my day off, I will be visiting the Turner Exhibition at the National Gallery.   I plan to go via a Garden Centre where I need to buy an Acer for one of my customers to give as a present at the weekend.   Then I will get changed and get a train up to town.   The only problem is I am still not sure what I will wear.   I think I have narrowed it down to a choice between this white dress, or my new light weight grey prince of wales check,   I think I will wait and see just how hot it is when I get dressed, either way I am looking forward to the outing and expect to enjoy myself.
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