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Paula's Place

Friday, 8 June 2012

Asterina Gibossa

I just had to use that as today's title.   As I was driving over to Sidcup this morning to start work there was a short peace on the radio about  Sea Stars, or Starfish.   The bit that really grabbed my attention was the comment that some of them can change their gender, and yes a little on line research shows that Asterina Gibossa, a rare species of starfish, are born male but later they change themselves into females. Also there are some other species of starfish that can change their gender with the change of temperature and it also depends on the availability of food.

Well my day was a bit like that, I started out male and managed about 4 hours work, before the weather changed for the worse and work was abandoned.   As the rain did what  it does best I cleaned myself up, and got changed before going to the bank, having some lunch and then after a bit of ineffective shopping a coffee.   Despite the rain it was very nice to go about my business as Paula, there is very little in what I did or what happened to me worthy of any mention, and in itself this is interesting.   There I was made up with wig and ear rings etc. wearing women's clothes, and basically no one noticed.   Where ever I went no one seemed to pay me any special attention, no one looked at me in the street as I passed by.   Sure the rain must have been a factor, but I suspect more to the point I was wearing a trouser suit, very nice and very feminine, but it is what a business woman would have chosen to wear on a day like this.   In other words I was dressed appropriately for the time and places I found myself, so why would anyone take a second look?

To follow on from an earlier theme I can never know if I pass, but today I certainly blended.
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