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Paula's Place

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Women Drivers

After my little coming together with a bus, I mean a bus, a blooming great big double decker bright red London bus ~ how can you not see a bus ~ any way after y little whoopsy Joe commented that I was driving like a woman.   Well I think I was driving like this one.

Well I actually have most of today off, with nothing to do apart from all the housework, cooking and laundry, other than that I will be on the sound desk for this evenings service, then it all starts again tomorrow.

Monday's are rarely my finest moments, but tomorrow I have to make a trip to the dump (trade waste ~ job), then take my daughter to the Orthodontist, then to school.   After that I come home pick up the van and try to fit in a day's work before returning home getting changed going to the Osteopath then driving down to Rochester for a 6:30 meeting.   My last Boss was a man who had his fingers in many pies, one day I asked him how he managed to juggle all his different activities, he just shrugged and said "Sometimes I drop a ball". I think that's what happened to me on Thursday, I dropped a ball.   I just can't afford to drop any more.

You will know I have been teasing my Osteopath (or myself one or the other) on my last few trip, I am wondering whether I should hold back a little, at the moment my legs are nicely shaved and I do have a very nice dark cherry polish on my toes nails, I could just carry on as I was with some nice panties, or I could step up the campaign with some pantyhose, and/or side fastening trousers...........
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