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Paula's Place

Friday, 13 April 2012

Still Bitching

No not that BOO
Yesterday I was bitching about my luck, or lack of it whichever way you see such things.   Well I haven't found my phone, and since I have already blocked it and ordered a new sim card it wouldn't do much good if I did.   I have dug out and old phone and charged it up, we had a spare pay as you go sim card so I planned to use that until my new one comes ~ guess what the card doesn't work, so next I have to go and get a fresh card and set up a new account for it, just so I can stay in communication over the weekend.   I am also still struggling to come to terms with my new varifocal glasses.

I still haven't made a decision as to whether I will travel  to Cardiff tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, one thing is for sure though I will be travelling pretty.   I also intend to pin up a sheet of A3 paper in my wardrobe with the word BOO writ large on it.

In the mean time here is another photo from last weekend, This is the dress I bought on my shopping trip with P the other week, I really like this and P's reaction was very positive, I am looking forward to a chance to wear it out.   This will probably form the basis of my outfit next time I go to see P and have lunch.
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