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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I had an interesting little experience today, I travelled back from Cardiff en femme wearing my grey pinstripe skirt suit and a light mauve blouse.   When I got home I didn't want to end the experience so after unpacking checking my e-mails and having some lunch I decided to pop into West Wickham, I had some cheques to pay in and one or two things to sort out. 

I parked up and started out for the bank, when I realised that I was walking past my opticians, I was waiting to hear from them about my contact lenses and they only had the mobile number that was for the phone I had lost.   So I popped in to explain about the phone.   Of course they had only seen me before in drab so there was a little confusion which was soon resolved.   As it happened although the lenses that had been ordered had not come in I still had the initial trial, this resulted in me getting a lens in, but it going behind my eye, as the only optician on site was with another patient I had to wait.

During this wait I took the opportunity to explain to  the other staff that when I was dressed I should not be referred to as Mister, as this was just inappropriate, one girl in particular was most apologetic explaining that she just didn't know how she should refer to me, or anyone else like me. ~ A very real opportunity for some education ~ I tried to simply and quickly explain that whatever gender someone is presenting as they should use the appropriate pronoun.   Whilst waiting for the optician to remove the wayward contact I was engaged in conversation by an older lady sat next to me.   She commented favourably on my hair (wig) colour, and then asked if I worked locally as I looked like an "office girl", I could have hugged her then.   We had quite a chat which was actually fun, and there was no doubt in her mind that I was just the girl I looked like.
I have an appointment to go back on Thursday I am not sure how I will be dressed, but either way it will be interesting to see how the staff react to me.  However more important really I may be able to wear contacts, at least in theory that should make my life a lot easier.
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