Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Next time

When we had finished our little shopping expedition we returned to P's home, I had brought some old pallets and wood off cuts for her to burn in her wood burning stove.   I was not really dressed for unloading a van and managed to get my white jacket quite dirty, I was so pleased when I was instructed to leave it with her to be washed.   In hindsight I should have asked her to throw my white dress in with it as that needs a wash as well.   Of course this also ensures that Paula will have at least one more day out, P has promised that she will buy lunch next time so I am looking forward to that already.

She is also such good and understanding friend that she offered to look after some of my things for me and to accept mail order parcels addressed to Paula.   This means I can order some proper replacements for my boobs, and also look again at some extra padding lower down as well.   I just hope that P won't think that that is cruel of me as she has recently put on a little weight.   As well as the teasing about my being too glam, P was also happy to point out that even having put on a bit she is still a smaller size (14) than me (16).   Maybe by the next time I get down to see her she will be back to a 12, I don't think I will ever be less than a 16 and at least one of my favorite dresses is an 18.

I think it says a lot about this day out and how much I enjoyed it that I have managed to get around 4 posts out of it, and forgot to take any photos.
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