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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

More trouble

It's great isn't it, just when I thought I was making a bit of progress something had to go wrong.   I had a full week planed this week, with the long bank holiday weekend coming up I wanted to make sure that I was on top of the work load, and of course earning some money.   Unfortunately it seems that it is just not to be.   The van was very reluctant to start this morning (Monday), and then after it did start I had only driven a little way towards my first job when it cut out died and refused to start again.

As I was pretty close to home, I walked down to the garage where I have my servicing and MOTs done they would have to have the van taken in to them, and they couldn't look at it until after Easter.   My mobile mechanic friend (who looks after the car) can't look at it until Thursday and my other friend with a mechanical bent recons it could be too difficult a job for him.   Eventually I called out the AA who diagnosed fuel starvation probably caused by a malfunctioning fuel pump.   I have had the van towed home and just hope that it is something that my friend can fix on Thursday, and that I won't lose too much work, or shell out too much on repairs.   On the other hand I am not hopeful.   It is such a shame that I couldn't keep Gloria, I'm sure that she wouldn't have given me these problems.

In the mean time I shall be using this week to catch up on designs, quotes and data entry jobs.   Tomorrow I shall do what I can cutting back a giant laurel, not least because I want to spend some time with S to see her reaction to the news I gave her on Sunday.   As I will only have the Polo this will very much limit the equipment I can carry and the waste I can take away.

On Wednesday I have scheduled an appointment with the optician for an eye test and to choose some new glasses.   I currently intend to get two pairs one fairly androgynous and one maybe a little more overtly feminine.   I'm not sure yet whether it will be Paula or Paul who will go for the eye test.   Wednesday late afternoon I have a trip to the osteopath.

I have been teasing him (or maybe me) on my last couple of visits with my choice of underwear.   This week I will be upping my game a little, I am remaining nice and cleanly shaved, also I will be wearing an obvious pair of high leg panties, and while I have cleaned off the dark cherry polish from my toe nails, I have replaced it with a nice subtle pearlescent pink.   I wonder if he will notice (I don't see how he could miss it) and what, if anything he will say.
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