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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Looking forward, down, and to the side

I have been having a bit of a rough time recently as I type this on Wednesday morning my Van is at the garage having it's MOT done, I am sure that it will not pass straight off, it's just a question of how badly it will fail and how much it will cost me.   This is of course all expense I could well do without having just paid out for my daughter to go on a trip to Italy, new glasses for me, repairs on the van and on my wife's car.   It is not just the money but also the inconvenience, but at least I am forced to spend a couple of days in the office catching up on some of my paperwork.

I am slowly getting used to my new glasses although I have found that it is simply impossible to conduct the band wearing them, to look down at the score I need to look through the part that is for close work, but the score is too far away so out of focus, I can't bring the score closer as that would block the view of the musicians, I shall just have too use my old ones for concerts and rehearsals, unless the contacts work out.

Well that's the looking down and sideways but looking forward ~ I think I will have to do some shopping.   I have just heard from my GG friend P that a package has arrived for me, this will be my new boobs.   After my van was broken into I decided I would get some better / proper forms, I am of course looking forward to trying them out (on?).   Furthermore I am now a bit short on bras I seem to just have the two that I took to Cardiff with me, (so no black and white, the two basic essential colours,) and more to the point I simply don't know what size I am.   Up till now I have just bought the most padded ones I could find in a 38 inch band.   I know that in theory a lot of places will do a fitting, but I fear that they might be a bit out of my price range.   Then of course there are all the different types, not wired, under wired, balcony, full-cup, plunge, push up, tee shirt multi-way..... and that's before we start n the different materials cotton, lace, satin etc. etc. and then off course it might be nice to have to have matching sets and I like hi leg panties.
I think the best plan might be to wait until I get to see P next time and be guided by her experience.
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