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Monday, 5 March 2012

Saturday Morning

So, ~ today (Saturday) I had to drive down to Cardiff, this is about a four hour drive so I thought I might as well make the most of it and travel pretty.   Friday night I had a good shave (and all….) and did my finger nails.   This felt like quite a brave move, normally I would not use any nail polish on my finger nails if there was any chance of my wife seeing it; but I wanted to get away sharply in the morning, and I knew I would be long gone before she started to stir.   Well as they say the best laid plans of mice and men go astray ~ I actually didn’t wake up until about 6:30 around a full hour later than intended, so a quick wash and brush up and I was off.   A little less groomed than intended but still en femme.

In this case en femme meant a black polo neck (rather negating all my upper body shaving!) a black skirt with white spots, just above knee length cut very full so it swirls nicely, ( see photo on yesterdays post) barely black sheer hose and some plane court shoes with “wooden” heels.   Topped off with a grey tailored jacket I thought quite a nice outfit without being too over the top glam for a Motorway Drive.   Almost as soon as I left I realised that in my haste there were a couple of things I had forgotten, rather than go back and get them I decided to call in on a Tesco’s I was passing to buy afresh, I’m glad I did.   The Tesco a Raynes Park is mega, they sell just about everything, all I actually wanted was some toothpaste a pair of nail scissors and some first aid tape, however I couldn’t help but notice they had a clothes sale on.    There is a red dress that Tesco’s do ~ part of their Gok approved range ~ which I have coveted for some time now but hadn’t bought because at that price I felt I  ought to make sure it was something I would have an opportunity to wear.   They had it in my size reduced to £7 at that price I don’t care I just had to have it, now I will create an opportunity.

Well after that it was rather an uneventfully journey, just the one stop as a “comfort break”   Arriving in Cardiff I popped into “the village” to check out the charity shops before joining my Mother.   Unfortunately I still can’t seem to find the boots I want at a price I am prepared to pay, maybe in a couple of months when some people start clearing out their winter wardrobes……
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