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Paula's Place

Monday, 5 March 2012


I've been away for a couple of days, and not had a chance to post for a while, however I have managed to prepare a few posts and will be putting those up over the next week.   They may seem a bit random at first, especially if I get them out of order, but I hope they will make some sort of sense.

Right now I have just got home after a long drive home, I made the drive a little longer than it needed to be so that I could stop for comfort breaks and simply to strut my stuff.   I have had a day when I have been dressed 100% fem 100% of the time, even if it wasn't always obvious.   I started the day in bed, waking up wearing my nice satin PJs a fairly boring dressing gown concealing the more obvious fem cues, after a shower I put on a rather lacy cami / vest a pale lilac polo, tights and some fem jeans.   The main thing that struck me was how comfortable I felt.   The way I looked was secondary but still quite gratifying.   I stayed dressed this way until about an hour before I had to leave, a which point I swapped the camisole for a bra and slip, this is my not quite matching nearly set of animal print undies, I was pleasantly surprised that with my polo neck back on it was not too obvious what I was wearing underneath, and again how comfortable it all was.

Once I had departed I swapped my jeans for skirt and changed shoes so I could get a couple of photos
Not very good I know but the best I could manage at the time.   I don't think I'm a bad photographer, but I am rubbish at self portraits, maybe I should practise more.   You may notice that I am wearing my own hair, this was partly down to comfort, partly down to it being rather blustery, my hair is a little on the long side at the moment and I reckoned I could "get away with it".   Interestingly when I made my first stop at a services I suddenly felt very self conscious without my wig, I almost went back to the van to put it on, but carried on.   I felt as though I stood out and that every one was looking at me with disapproval, of course they weren't, but it shows what thing threads our confidence can hang by.   After another comfort break I changed again into my new red dress ~ you will hear more of that soon ~ and completed the journey with only one more stop, before getting so nearly home that I felt safe stopping for a glass of wine.   Unfortunately the Grape and Grain was already closed when I got there, but another local hostelry welcomed Paula in for a solitary late night glass of wine.   Now I'm home and of course that means I had to change back into drab, once again I am feeling the low after the high, eve though I haven't really been anywhere or done anything it is so nice being dressed that going back into normal boring drab male dress is a real downer
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