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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Looking forward to Friday

I know we have the restaurant chain  "Thank Goodness It's Friday" not quite my scene but that is what I will be thinking this week when Friday comes around.   I have given myself the day off ~ because I deserve it ~ I will be meeting my GG friend P, she and her husband have met Paula once before at their home and seemed very happy and comfortable with the experience, this time I hope that we will be able to go out. 

On Saturday I saw a dress that I liked at Matalan, but I would like a second opinion, I am hoping that P will come with me and give her opinion when I try it on.   I now know they have a branch near by as I hinted at this in an e-mail to her.   I may even take her out to lunch as a reward / bribe.

As well as planning my time and the journey, of course I also have to plan what I am going to wear, as I said P has met Paula once before, but I can't remember what I was wearing, I don't want to do a repeat and make it look like I am a guy who has just bought one dress, so I will be wracking my brains at least thinking of what I definitely did not wear, and of course making sure that my shoes hose and undies will go with the dress I am planning on trying on.   If this weather keeps up it may well be one of my summer dresses, which curiously are all longer than my winter dresses.
 A couple of those summer dresses, photos from last year.

The other things I am looking forward to are my appointment with the opticians, well I am looking forward to choosing and getting some new glasses, and next  Wednesday's appointment with my osteopath

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