Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Last night

I think last night's meeting was the best attended I have been to, there was only one girl I had not met before, but not all at the same time.   I managed to spend a bit of time with my friends and a least a quick chat with the others.   It was very pleasant to be out without worrying about being spotted, or condemned in anyway, to just enjoy being Paula.   Like so often last night there was nothing particularly spectacular about the evening (apart from my red dress ) but it was just ~ well ~ nice.   At the end of evening I never want to it to finish, I want to carry on enjoying my femininity of course it has to and there is such a feeling of disappointment as I clean of the nail polish and make up, I long for an occassion where I can go to bed as Paula and wake up in the morning with my nail polish still on.

A few observations, we all seemed quite confident in our own company, but several of the girls would not be able to go out any other way; all the girls were wearing nail polish of one type or another whether dressed to the nines like me or in relaxed casual wear.   We were all past a certain age; several are or have been married, nearly all were drinking orange juice.

Helen, our wonderful leader has had an article in the local paper, this is very encouraging for all of.   To have some support for, at any level, from our local rag is great.

Last night I was wearing these tights, I love them, the feel, the smoothness, and the look, maybe the backseam is a little slutty, and they sure make me feel good, and just a little sexy, but when I took them off a made a small ladder in the foot, I will try to fix this with a little clear nail polish, but will buy myself a couple of pair next time I see them
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