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Paula's Place

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Just got home after the support group meeting, it is currently ridiculous o'clock in the morning so there won't be a very full report - that may come later.

First things first I have amended my profile so that you can e-mail me direct from there if you want to get in contact, I understand that some of you have been having difficulty posting comments, I have had a quick look and can't see why - anyone know?

Two other things I want to mention while I have them on my mind, one is I was not the girl with the shortest skirt, there was one skirt there that I would have complained about my daughter wearing ~ you know who you are!   The other is a little more serious.

After leaving the pub I needed to get some fuel for the van and before that I wanted to check the balances of my accounts, on my way back to the van I was engaged in conversation by a young man, he was definitely hitting on me, when I made it clear that I was not interested he persisted in quite a strong sexual manner ~ don't get me wrong I was not offended or indeed frightened even when I realised what he had in his hand (in his defence it was quite dark and quite cold).   Now what strikes me is that make three times I have sexual advances from men and on each occasion the man has been younger than me, smaller than me, and black.   It has nothing to do with where I live as the other two occasions were well away from home.   I really don't want to open up any Pandora's box of racial stereotyping, but you can't help noticing, and wondering.  

This also opens up all sorts of other questions about my own sexuality, and what sort of man I find attractive, if indeed I find any sort of man attractive.   Now I know that the other women in my family all have quite fixed ideas of what racial types they find most attractive and I find that I am a little surprised that I have found these encounters to be stimulating, exciting and rather gratifying.   It is very nice to be found sexually attractive, now if the men themselves were a little more attractive, and a little less obvious in there aims I might be more prepared to entertain thier advances, I don't know.   So far I have not felt secure in following up any of these advances and since I am married I have no intention of doing so, but..................................
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