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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Buttoned up

I like motor-sport, and as is right and proper F1 is back as the prime motor-sport to watch.   The last few seasons have been spectacular with so many top drivers competing, overtaking on the track as well as in the pits, and dare I say it some big personalities involved.   Well this year we have six world champions on the grid, and they are all still very competitive.

With the rule changes this year McLaren are the only team who have eschewed the stepped nose, this means that without a shadow of a doubt they have the best looking car (I won't comment on whether they have the best looking driver as well ~ but they have) is it only coincidence that they also seem to have the fastest car.   For the second Grand Prix running they have locked out the front row of the grid, and at Australia they should have got a one two result if it hadn't been for the safety car.

I've now watched the KL Grand Prix and it was very interesting.   Jenson had all the bad luck, Peres was magnificent as was Alonso, but McLaren are still leading the constructors Championship.   I would love to see the best looking car win, in my book ugly design just shouldn't prosper.
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