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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Too Girly?

Today (Tuesday) I am working from home, as the weather is foul and I can't do much outdoors I am spending the morning on data entry - a monthly contract job I have - on my own.    More accurately perhaps I should say that Paula is working from home.   After my wife left for her office I decided to get dressed, as I am sure you are aware this meant shaving, foundation garments, make-up, nail polish, jewelry (just some "pearls") a dress and "proper" shoes.   So about 90 minutes after I started getting ready I am about to start work.

It struck me how much longer than my wife it took me to get ready for work, she takes about a third of that time, and then I thought about what she wears for work, normally just trousers and a top, along with the essential undies.   No jewelry other than (maybe) ear rings and watch, no make up, ordinary shoes and socks, in fact pretty much what a lot of blokes would wear.   (When I regularly worked in offices I always wore a suit and tie so actually took longer to get dressed than my wife).   I should point out that although my wife is not particularly "girly" she is definitely feminine.   This led me to the thought is what I am struggling to obtain femininity or elegance?

When I have the chance do I glam up to show how feminine I am or to be as elegant as possible?   It is nice to go out in (fem) jeans and a top but that is in comparison to going out in men's jeans and tee shirt, it is more fun to go out wearing a dress.   Now is this because it is more feminine, or more elegant? or maybe it is just that like many of you I so rarely get the chance to wear something pretty that when I do have the chance I grab it.

Well the photo shows me today wearing my new dress, looking quite festive and feeling quite elegant..
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