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Monday, 2 January 2012

The New Year, New Challenges, New Situations.....

I have another blog concerning a different and quite separate aspect of my life, today I put up one of my occasional posts explaining some of my personal situation at the moment.   I can't think of a better way of putting it than I did so I have copied it here.

I spent a (very) little time in our garden today, amongst the dead leaves I haven't cleared up, all the weeds and shaggy grass we do have some flowers. In fact we have quite a few flowers out, at the moment Winter Jasmin, Cyclamen, Primulas - not too weird eh? we also have daffodils and roses out, now that's just not right!

I know this has been a weird year as far as weather goes, we have had a daffodil out on new year before, but I think this is the first time I have seen a pink rose flowering through winter Jasmin.

I start back at work tomorrow, nothing scheduled but plenty to get on with, then there is a shed to mend and on Friday I start what will be the biggest job I will have undertaken since starting the business. Starting off I have a fair bit of clearing to do, then we will be putting in a large deck and finishing off with a paved area. I will be doing this job more or less in reverse ideally I would start with the paving then the deck, but the layout of the garden dictates the order. This is a big job and I will be putting a lot of work into it, and maybe a few posts as well.

On a personal level my wife had to be rushed into A & E the other day and will have to go into hospital for an urgent opp within the next 10 days. At any moment she could get the call to go, she will then have to stay in Hospital for at least a week, and will then have to be off work for a further three weeks or so. All in all it looks like we're in for a busy start to the year.

With all this going on I don't see that I will be getting much Paula time, or indeed much time at all so I may not be posting quite as frequently as I would like to, if I miss a couple of days I'm sure you will understand.   I will attempt to carry on my practise of preparing a few posts in advance so I have something in reserve.   Anyway if you pass by and don't see anything new, please come back as i will be posting up dates when I can.   Some will be short and some may well just be copied cartoons or pictures, but if we can get through January OK I'm sure things will start to get better again.
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