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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Middle Aged?

My wife had a big birthday this week and today we have been celebrating, it puts me in mind of how we think of middle age.   Sure 50 is younger than it was for my parents generation but it still feels like a big number for a lot of people this is still something to fear especial in our current cult of youth.   Fortunately for me neither my wife nor I have this problem, when asked how she felt being 50 she replied "All soft and squidgy" and she is!

Me or my Mum
It is an age when many really begin to understand that they will die hence the first of the four Ms of middle age men - Mortality; Marathons; Motorbikes; and Mistresses. personally I sold my motorbike around 50 and have never, and will never have a mistress, although I did buy a new tuba at 51.   Yes this is about the time when we really understand that we will die, hence the mid life crises, a sort of panic attack. "OH MY GOD I'm going to die, what have I achieved? -nothing; what am I going to leave behind? - not a lot; what am I going to do? - buy a motorbike, or in my case put on a dress!

Of course we also find that we are turning into our parents, as a general rule men turn into their fathers and women turn into their mothers.   Some of us do a bit of both, it is a little frightening when I spend ages shaving, preening, putting on my makeup, jewelry and wig to then check out the final result in the mirror and see mother looking back.   I have this lovely quite formal day dress that is just the sort of thing my Mother would have worn, and when I see this picture of me I can see her in me very strongly.   I still love this dress and long for the right ocassio to wear it out, it would have been ideal for some sort of semi ormal daytime Christmas do, but Paula didn't get to go to any this year.
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