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Paula's Place

Friday, 27 January 2012

Close Encounters

On Tuesday we had rain here, and I had a drill I had bought through e-bay to pick up, so I took the day off outside work and went out  to collect the drill and do a couple of other chores while I was at it.   Of course being me I took advantage of the opportunity to go out dressed.   I was still pretty smooth and hairless so didn't have to worry about any prep in that department, however as my wife was home I had to get changed and made up in the van.   As this was a last minute decision I had not planed what to wear, but as my legs were still nice and smooth I didn't really want to wear trousers or jeans.
I opted for a double denim look with denim skirt and jacket along with some patterned tights, and mauve shirt blouse and some fairly flat ballet style pumps.   I thought this was a pretty good outfit, but of course under the circumstances I had no mirror to check anything beyond my makeup and hair.    When the rain stopped I pulled into a parking stop in Ashdown Forest and took some photos.

During the day I did have a little interaction with other people, I stopped and bought fuel, I collected my drill, and did some shopping, all as Paula.   On each occasion I was addressed by the correct (female) pronoun, in one place getting a very friendly reception and an almost transatlantic "Ma'am" in another a definitely English "Dear"  With all this I was feeling quite pleased with myself.   On my way home desperate for a pee I stopped at a carvery/pub/lodge bought a glass of wine and used the facilities.   Everyone else there were male workmen (well I suppose if they are workmen then they would be male - but you know what I mean).   I was very aware that I was attracting attention, this made me more aware of the shortness of my skirt and the nature of my femininity.   For once I was beginning to feel quite vulnerable.

Making my way out I decided to use a different entrance and got a bit confused as to where I was, two of the workmen came out to where I was trying to find my way out without going into the Hotel section, the first acknowledged me, rather brusquely, the second  admonished him saying "she thought you were going to attack her" this rather flummoxed me, he then went on to say that he thought I had a lot of courage and that he admired that.   I was so thrown by the whole encounter that I didn't know how to respond other than to say thank you and accept his directions to the exit.

What was apparent was that he knew what I am, he still used the female pronoun and was happy to engage me in conversation.   I am sorry that the circumstance forbade any more conversation I would like to know how he knew so much, also what gave me away.   Although it transpired that I had nothing to be afraid of it was also clear that I had at least one supporter.   This was a rather strange and confusing encounter, but maybe as I go out into the world more I need to expect more of this sort of thing.
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