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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Important, Urgent News USA takes over world

Maybe a bit dramatic, but if you go to Wikipedia today you will see what I am on about,   There is legislation going through in the USA that will effect every web site throughout the world.   The idea is to protect copyright, the effect could be very different, as I understand it a US company or individual an make a complaint about a site, and it will have it's income stream cut off and quite possibly it's ISPN closed down - that is as a result of a complaint, of course it will go to court and can be overturned, but only in a USA court, I don't want and American competitor complaining about my site, and then have to travel to the USA to defend my activities in a foreign court.

There is much, much more wrong with this legislation please take the time to visit today also Vanessa has an excellent piece here please take he time t have a look. 
And if you live in the States please contact your representatives - Senate and House -  to let them know what you think.

I generally try to avoid anything Political here but this is something that is important to all web users the world over.

Thank you - rant over
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